Ashley Piepenbrink

Co-Owner, Stylist

I didn’t immediately know that I wanted to do hair, and initially went to art school, before a light bulb went off and I had my “ah-ha moment”. I had been doing other people’s hair all my life, why shouldn’t I make a career out of it? In the spring of 2007 I attended a Paul Mitchell school in the southwest suburbs and made it my mission to succeed. I was head of the Take Home Retail team, and eventually became 1 of the 8 students selected out of the entire school to be part of the Phase 2 program. It allowed us to work solely on the salon floor with paying customers and manage our own books.

After graduating I worked at a few unisex salon’s in the suburbs near my home, but I knew I needed more. In mid 2009 I started working at Halo for Men, and fell head over heels for men’s haircutting. I continued to work at Halo for 6 years, continuously building my clientele and educating myself from hands on workshops and demo classes.

I eventually became an educator for the training program that Cassie designed, and would oversee training for new hires. In January 2015 I moved to a salon in the downtown loop area to better accomadate my clients during work hours. My clientele grew even faster than I could imagine and it was then that I knew I could turn this into even more. That’s when I reached out to Cassie about opening a salon together, and the rest is history!

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Cassie   Juanita

Co-owner & Stylist

Shiny side parts. Bald fades. Big, sculpted beards. Chicago men today have style. Here in Printer’s Row, our clients step out onto Dearborn Street with the kind of classic haircuts this city has seen before — in 1900, 1930, 1950 — times when men valued a fresh cut and had a sense of class.

Those days are back. What an awesome time to be holding a pair of scissors!

For more than a decade I’ve worked in this industry and loved every minute. And I feel more energized than ever since opening Bespoke Men’s Grooming with my partner this year. As a stylist, I get to work with incredible clients and keep them looking on point. As a business owner, I get to create a salon space that is sophisticated but relaxed and an environment where stylists can bring passion to their craft.

Plus, I get to bring my goofball dog, Meatball, to work. Life’s good.

Haircuts starting at $60


Anisha Criss


All my life I have always been fascinated by hair. Whether it was watching my aunt work in her home salon, giving Barbie a fresh new style or doing my friends’ hair for school dances, I always leaned into it as a passion. During my senior year at Sterling High School, I enrolled in the vocational school offering a six month cosmetology program through the local beauty school, “Educators Of Beauty.” This program helped me realize that I wanted to make my passion, my profession so after high school I moved to Madison, Wisconsin to attend “Madison Cosmetology.”

Upon graduating in June 2002, I was back in my rural hometown doing hair. For all the experience I was gaining there, I knew I wanted to be working in the “big city,” so in 2005 I moved to Chicago. I got my first job at a brand new, all men’s salon where I remained for 10 years. While working, I also attended classes, workshops and watched training videos all in an effort to better myself and my craft.

I joined the training team in 2011 and began teaching American Crew hair cutting methods. I’ve been in this profession for 14 years and still find everyday to be new and exciting. Especially when it comes to curly hair. I love a challenge!


Ann-Marie Bautista


I have the classic story of always being the girl doing everyone’s hair at grade school sleepovers. In the 90’s I was responsible for all my friend’s “dope” frosted tips, which was done in my parent’s basement. During my senior year of high school, I attended the Cosmetology Center of Dupage and graduated in 2005. My first job as a licensed professional was at a local franchise salon. Within those 2 years I quickly became a manager until I realized I wanted more and wanted to grow. I dreamt of working in “the big city”.

Shortly after, my dream came true and I was employed in the heart of Wicker Park at Bang Salon. I apprenticed under North American Hairstylist Award winner, Eli Mancha. During that time he was a Rusk educator and trained me in the latest and edgiest hair techniques. At Bang Salon we competed and placed in many hair competitions.

In 2011, I started to exclusively cut men’s hair at John Allan’s and absolutely fell in love with this side of the industry and later became the Technical Director there. I was in charge of staffing and training new hires. I quickly built my clientele and am proud to see that most are still in my chair today, at Bespoke Men’s Grooming. I am so honored and blessed to be a part of this talented team!

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Jennifer Lungo


My story starts with my NaNa. As a child I remember being in her salon and styling wigs. I would hang out with the ladies there and pretend that I was a hairdresser too. It was always my favorite place to be.

I came to Chicago in the mid 90’s and graduated from Columbia College. After school I pursued an acting career and also bartended all over the city. One day a friend of mine told me she was going to start cosmetology school and i decided to join her. It was the best decision I’ve ever made!

I graduated from Pivot Point International Academy at the top of my class and have now been in the industry for 11 years. I’ve spent the last 6 years exclusively specializing in men’s hair care and I LOVE it!

As my NaNa would say-



Danielle Cahalan

Master Stylist

I view hair as a blank canvas. With every canvas I am given the opportunity to create art. I believe each piece of art should best compliment the client who currently lives in my chair, and as it grows out in the following 2-6 weeks (depending on the client) the hair doubles as a fashion piece. }

My background in hair dates back to my high school days, where I landed a job as a receptionist at a mens‘ salon. Unsure of what I wanted to do post-graduation, I found myself enrolling in a Cosmetology program a month later.

I loved the theory portion of learning hair, but I wasn’t crazy about the technical work when it came to women’s’ cuts and color. Soon after I graduated, I realized that my niche and passion was in the detailed work of men’s haircutting and styling.

I find that as a perfectionist, I have more control over every strand on my client’s head. I can do anything from a flat top and razor fade to a classic business man’s haircut. Come see me, so I can get acquainted with you and your hair! 😉

Haircuts starting at $60


Becca Schmidt


I look at going to beauty school as one of the best decisions I have ever made, and working on hair has been a hobby of mine since I was a teenager. I started by styling my family and friend’s hair for free as a way to practice, and was often told I had a knack for hair. With the encouragement of my family, I attended Pivot Point Academy, a cosmetology school located in Evanston, Illinois. Under the watchful eye of my caring and talented teachers, I learned techniques and skills that I continue to use today. Pivot Point is where my passion for cutting and styling hair really began to flourish.

I got a position at a top Chicago salon right after beauty school. I worked with a renowned director to hone my skills and better my abilities. While I consider my time at this salon invaluable, I knew I needed to push myself even further if I wanted to become the stylist I knew I could be. I stayed with the salon for four years before making the switch to work in men’s only salons.

Working in the hair industry has allowed me to express myself creatively while working with people. My love for my career is reflected in the work I get to do on my clients and I am always pushing myself to be a better stylist. One of my favorite aspects of the industry is its ability to be ever changing. I am never bored with what I do and I look forward to coming to work every day. I am excited to be working with the talented ladies at Bespoke and look forward to working with new clients!


Tara McShane 


I've always had a fascination with hair.  Even as a baby I was always grabbing or playing with people's hair. In my teens, I started coloring my mom & sister's hair at home.  Senior year of high schoolI had to make the big life decision: go to college or choose a different path.

It didn't take much time or thought before I told my parents I wanted to go to Cosmetology School.  I made the decision to tour Paul Mitchell the School Chicago.  I absolutely fell head over heels for it!  The atmosphere was upbeat and had such high energy.  It was everything I imagined it to be!  I met some amazing people there who really inspired me to always try to better myself.  Not only as a person, but as a stylist.  I graduated spring of 2012.

After graduating, I searched high and low for the "right salon".  I started in a full service salon.  After 3 short months I knew that there was something better out there for me. Back to searching I went.  I thought what the heck, and applied to an all men salon in the suburbs.  I NEVER knew I loved doing men's hair as much as I did/do.  I worked there for 4 years.  Within the first year I was promoted to a key holder.  In the next year and a half,  I was promoted to assistant manager. I was growing as a stylist, but I knew there was still more out there for me.  I needed to leap to my next "stepping stone" to progress my career and skills even further.  I started researching all men salons in the city and came across Bespoke.  I reached out and here I am!

 I'm so excited to see where this crazy journey in life takes me.  The girls here are so incredibly talented and I couldn't be happier to say I am a part of this team! I look forward to rebuilding my clientele here, meeting new people and building my skills!  I can assure you that I will always put 110% into your hair so you feel good walking out the door!


Elisa Bolden


My story begins at the age of 4 and I decided to style my hair on my own for the first time...with scissors! Fast forward to my teenage years where I would cut and style many of my friends hair. During that time, my junior year, I was given the opportunity to participate in a vocational cosmetology program. I’m very proud to say that by the time I graduated high school in 2009, I had my cosmetology license in hand. I was off to begin my career in our industry. Within a couple of years, I realized I enjoyed the art of cutting and styling men’s hair more than anything else. This, and my fascination with “clipper cuts”, fueled my decision to return to school and become a fully licensed barber. Being a stylist, and now a barber, is something I’ve chosen to share with the ones I love. Over the years, I have become my family’s dedicated stylist. My kitchen has often doubled as a salon and my client list has grown as my family has...including my own son now. Styling has created moments and memories that keeps my family close to me. I bring my work home, so to speak, not because it’s a job but because it’s a passion. I look forward to sharing that same passion and dedication with my clients here at Bespoke.