Get Edgy With Creative Color!

        Cassie Juanita, owner and stylist, created this root extender bleach and tone on Kamal.  

        Cassie Juanita, owner and stylist, created this root extender bleach and tone on Kamal.  

Platinum locks for men is back in style, and in addition, the grey hair trend is still HOT! Did you know we offer creative color services at Bespoke? Creative color implies that us stylists have the artistic freedom to apply color as we see fit to produce the look you're going for. The includes, but is not limited to: guy lights, silver streaks, all over grey, and fantasy colors (blue, purple, etc.). 

How can you ensure you'll get the look you want? I'll give you a few suggestions to make your experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. 

1. Get a FREE Consultation. 

If you have the time to schedule and stop in for a free consultation, we highly recommend you do so. That way, you can meet your stylist, you can communicate what you're looking to achieve, and she can better prepare a plan of application and execution for your hair goals. She can also give you an idea of how long this service will take, and if necessary, inform you how many visits it will take to reach your desired level. 

2. Be patient. 

Going darker is one thing. We can easily apply color and deliver whatever tone you're wanting; however, lightening the hair is a whole 'notha story. If you have dark brown or black hair, it may take bleach a few times to lift to your desired level. The easiest way to explain this is that hair is universally categorized in 10 levels of darkness to lightness. 1 being black, 5 being medium brown, and 10 being platinum. Without badly damaging the hair, bleach usually lifts hair color 3-4 levels. If you are a level 1 (black), and we apply bleach to your hair, you will more than likely lift to a level 5, 6 at best. This is not always the case, as the texture and health of the hair are major contributing factors to hair lightening. We just want you to be aware that it may take a couple processes to reach that perfect end result due to a limitation in chemical processing. In other words, we want to preserve the integrity of the hair so you it doesn't feel like straw when it's all said and done. 

3. Prep and Care for that hair.

We as consumers have become more mindful of the chemicals and preservatives contained in our products. In recognition of that, many hair care lines have added all natural and beneficial ingredients to their color lines. This will lessen the damage post color service, but there are other ways to prep and care for your hair to reach optimum health. Using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner with prep the hair and scalp for any color service it's about to undergo. Following your appointment, you can deep condition the hair once a week to infuse keratin protein, moisture, and other strengthening peptides to the hair. 

In review...

Book a complimentary consultation. Be patient and understanding in what we are limited to. Prep and care for your hair! We look forward to working with you to achieve your dream hair goals. 

                                                Bleach and tone done by Jen Lungo.

                                                Bleach and tone done by Jen Lungo.

Danielle Cahalan