Bang For Your Buck


We believe in value, delivering worth in exchange for your time and money. Our base cost for a men's haircut is $52, with our buzz (one length all over) ringing up at $35. We feel that our pricing is justified, and we hope you agree with this statement after your first visit and experience with us. To ensure your satisfaction and to shed light on what we have to offer, let me break down the standout perks.

For starters, every single stylist employed at BMG has been in the industry for at least 6 years. Collectively, we are a well seasoned group of professionally licensed cosmetologists who have learned various techniques from one another. We are confident in stating we can deliver versatile cuts on all different hair types. 

Speaking of our skills, we do pride ourselves on tailoring your cut to the unique shape of your head (hence our name, Bespoke). In order to do so, we free hand fades and scissor cuts, which ultimately requires refined skill through practice. We guarantee that your tailored cut will last much longer than a generic cut you receive with clipper guards. How else can you extend the life of your cut while getting that bang for your buck? I'm glad you asked!

We offer 2 week, complimentary touch ups following your paid service. A touch up may be scheduled in person or by calling, but they can not be scheduled online. We block you out for 15 minutes to allow time to taper your cut, line you up, and shave your neck. This FREE clean up really makes your haircut last up to 2 weeks longer than it would have beforehand. If you take advantage of this benefit, and you do schedule your cut a couple of weeks after, you will save up to $200 a year with us! This alone makes our pricing worth it. You're basically receiving a cut and a half with the full service and touch up. 

Costs do not just cover your customized haircut though. Our clients LOVE the add on services we include with every haircut service. These add ons include: a shampoo with a scalp massage, conditioning treatment, hot steamed face towel, hand and arm massage, and a neck shave. Men deserve to be pampered too!

So far we have covered the quality of service you receive, complimentary follow up service, and the relaxing add ons. The cherries on top of all that goodness are the laid back atmosphere our owners have created, Meatball's guest appearances, receptionists who make you feel at home, and our upcoming option of alcohol consumption! Cheers to that!

If the reasons listed above don't explain our pricing accordingly, I'm not quite sure what will. Thank you for allowing us to service you and for your business. We appreciate your loyalty and support. 


The Bespoke Team


Danielle Cahalan