Beat. The. Heat.

                                 Meatball's stunt double (shown above).

                                 Meatball's stunt double (shown above).

I'm writing this on a 97 degree day in Chicago. Summer is real, and it is here, and here to stay. Against natural inclinations to complain, we really shouldn't considering we whine about how long our harsh winters last (and rightfully so). Instead of bitchin about our glorious summer months though, what can we do to embrace 100 degree days or beat the heat complaints? 

As Chicagoans, we tend to get a lil' buck wild even at the thought of summer here. We start postin' at our favorite patio hangs, slingin' drinks like it's our jobs, and baking our skin for that summer glow factor. In the process, we forget to hydrate along the way. Not only do we blast our AC for a comfortable guest experience, but we have water readily available at the front desk upon your arrival. We also offer premium tea and locally roasted coffee; although, neither sound as appealing on a steaming summer day. Note: We are working on acquiring a liquor license, but unfortunately, no set date can be named at this time. We promise to update you as soon as we know, and in detail!!!! Stay tuned.

How else can you cool off with us? We recognize that strollin in from a sidewalk you can boil an egg on might leave you feeling a little toasty. The beads might start forming and rolling down your neck and forehead, but guess what? You're not alone, and it is nothing to be embarrassed about! If you're finding it difficult to cool down (especially under a styling cape) don't be shy to ask for a towel for personal use or a chilled towel on the face instead of a hot. steamed one at the shampoo bowl.

Speaking of the extras, our go to shampoo and conditioner is by Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree line. These products have tea tree oil and peppermint infused in them to leave your scalp feeling minty fresh! This is just another bonus and way to cool off. 

Please know that you, as our clients and guests, are our #1 priority. We want to ensure your Bespoke experience is the best it can possibly be, so don't be shy to let us know when you're too hot! Okay, we know you always are, but in temperature ;) 

Danielle Cahalan