Ahhhh Kelly Clarkson! We can wax you!

You obviously know we offer top of the line men's haircuts at this point. In our last post, we covered grey blending and touched on permanent color (bleach services are also available). Now, I am writing to deliver the best news of all- the option of self-inflicted pain in exchange for that so fresh and so clean feel ; ) Just kidding, it's more like "that stings so good". Anyways, we do offer brow, ear, nose and neck waxing. We use both soft and hard wax, depending on the target area and client's hair texture. Soft wax is applied with a wooden stick. A strip of cloth or muslin is pressed on top of the wax before removal. Hard wax is applied in the same manner, but no strip is necessary. The hard wax sets and hardens, allowing us to use the wax as the strip itself. 

Believe it or not, many men in today's society are opting for wax services. Men's grooming has evolved from simple haircuts and basic shaving to complex styles, tailored beards, colored hair, and smooth skin. At Bespoke Men's Grooming, we are continually striving to elevate the client's experience and offer services and products that are in demand. With that said, we want you to feel comfortable receiving any and all of these services. Please know we take the sanitation of our wax pots, application, and after wax care seriously. In the wax procedure, step one will always be cleansing the skin. If you have sensitive skin, we will apply vitamin E or coconut oil to moisturize and prep your skin to avoid irritation. Following, powder will be applied to absorb excess oil. The wax will be applied to areas discussed in your consultation with you stylist, and the skin will be pulled as taut as possible to diminish the sting and lifting of the skin. Pressure is applied to relieve this as well post removal. To finish the service, vitamin E is used to remove any excess wax leftover and cooling lotion is applied to soothe the skin and reduce redness. Want to know more? Ask your stylist for a brief consultation before booking your wax service! We'd be happy to discuss the process with you. Can't wait to make you silky smooth for the summer!

Danielle Cahalan