Get Turnt Not Burnt

Summer is officially 7 weeks away, and we've had a handful of 70 degree days already (hope you all got a patio drinking day in!). With bald and short fades still trending, men tend to forget about scalp care. With more exposure to the sun, SPF is necessary to avoid sunburn, flaking and blistering.

Did you know that hair care lines take this into consideration and build sun screen into their product formulations? The traditional zinc oxide sunblocks that leave that stark white residue on your skin isn't your best and only option. Look for an SPF of at least 15 and reapply as directed. We are looking to carry one of these products for your convenience, but until then, note that spray applicators are your best selection. 

We all love taking personal time too, whether that's partaking in a stay-cation or jetting off to board a cruise in the Caribbean, we recommend you get a haircut BEFORE sun exposure to avoid that farmer's tan on yo' noggin ;) We also offer our complimentary 2 week touch ups if you don't want to worry about about frying your scalp but can avoid the tan lines. 

We hope this was a friendly reminder! Til next week!



Danielle Cahalan