THE Hangover Cure

With St. Patty's Day behind us, everyone is planning to nurse their hangovers accordingly (aka cashing in a sick day on Monday with the excuse of the [beer bottle] flu). Whether you brave the work day or roll out of bed at noon, we've got you covered with the most refreshing service we can provide: THE Hangover Cure. 

THE Hangover Cure may be added on to your haircut service for just $10, but on the Mondays following Patrick's shenanigans, this service will be FREE! Hey yo! It entails an extra long scalp massage with Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment, a hot steamed towel to cover your scalp and infuse the peppermint goodness, an aromatherapy experience, and an Emergen-C packet to refuel your depleted bod. If you think our extra services of the shampoo, scalp massage, hot steamed towel and hand massages are luxurious, just wait until you try this new add on before writing your next beaming Yelp review! 


Danielle Cahalan