Don't Get Lost In Translation


Have you ever tried to describe to your stylist or barber what you wanted, but you couldn't quite find the right words? We've all been there. We intend to say one thing, but instead, we use descriptors that contradict what we think we're asking for. To ensure your request and the end result matches, let us give you a few pointers!

1) Bring pictures. 

A picture is worth a thousand words. Stylists are visual learners, so seeing variations of the cut you want is key to fully understanding what you're aiming for. Make sure you bring photos of models or celebs that have similar hair texture to yours. We consider ourselves masters of our craft, but we ain't no magicians! Seeing the cut from different angles is helpful too :)

2) Don't overcomplicate things. 

Stick with words that have no room for misinterpretation. Straight or curly. Matte (no shine) or shine. Volume or flat. If you stick to either extreme, this will work as a good starting point for you and your stylist to build upon. 

3) Let us help you!

We are trained to analyze your face and head shape to further create a haircut that compliments your features best. You can most definitely request a certain haircut, but listen to us when we give our professional recommendations on what could work better or elevate that particular style. 

4) Keep us in the know. 

Don't be afraid or find it unnecessary to inform us on what products you use and your daily hair care regimen. Knowing these details can help us better assess what style and cut is most realistic for you. 

5) Hold us accountable. 

At Bespoke Men's Grooming, we pride ourselves on keeping detailed haircut notes for every client. Each visit, we can look up the date of your last appointment, what products and techniques were last used, and the specific lengths of your grown out do. Please hold us accountable by asking the questions of when your last appointment was and the cut description. We can better work towards delivering the absolute perfect cut for you if we have this readily available. 

We hope these five pointers put your mind at ease on how to better communicate with your stylist and get exactly what you came in for! We look forward to seeing you soon!




Danielle Cahalan