Spring, Sprang, Sprung!

Let's see...what have we conquered so far in preparation for spring... Daylight Savings (check!), the first official day of spring (check!), and we even gave that damn groundhog what he wanted- 6 more weeks of winter! What else could we possibly do before we let our hair down and begin to day drink in 60 degree weather on a patio somewhere? Oh, our hair...speaking of letting it down, here's a detailed forecast on what to expect for men's hair trends this spring!

The High Fade

                Justin Timberlake at the Oscars. 

                Justin Timberlake at the Oscars. 

Despite what some may think, a high fade doesn't automatically translate to a military cut. The latest evolution of this style is detailed in the fade placement following the front hairline and short length with texture on top. 


The Forward Undercut

The slicked back and side swept undercut was fun while it lasted, but let's be honest, some unflattering versions left men looking like Trolls, turnips, or like they were wearing a toupee. The forward undercut is edgy, lower maintenance, and easier to style. Who doesn't love that combo?!

All Naturale

Natural locks in the spring and summer are one of the hottest and easiest features one can flaunt. Don't be afraid to rock your natural texture (wavy, curly, or straight) and elevate it with sea salt spray or a product to accentuate that definition! 

Da Buzz

Aaron Eckhart 2011 10_440_L.jpg

For those who with less density on top or want the least amount of maintenance possible, the classic and straight to the point buzz is right for you. The absolute best time to pull this off is in the spring and summer months. It will make your hair look thicker (depending on the length) with its blunt and same length cut, and it will keep you cool as a cucumber. 

Don't be shy to reference one of these cuts/styles to one of our talented stylists! All of us are well versed in every one and are always on our A game to keep up with the times and seasonal trends!




Danielle Cahalan