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An upscale men’s salon in the heart of Chicago

 Bespoke Men’s Grooming is a salon where men can walk in with confidence, knowing they will leave with a haircut that has been meticulously crafted for him just as a tailor would his suit. That is how we at BMG view hair. Our goal is to create styles that are up to customers specifications and stylists standards all the while keeping currents trends in mind. We achieve this through thorough consultation and keeping profile notes of clients wants and needs. This way we can ensure a higher volume of consistency from visit to visit, all the while building clients trust, loyalty, and expectation.


-tips are cash only. We have an atm conveniently located in the salon-


Cancellation Policy

We understand that unforeseen things can come up. We will typically give you a call if you are around 5-10 minutes late and in the case that you can still make it, we will try to fit you in for the service minus extras. If you are more than 15 minutes late we will offer the paid touchup/neck clean up. Our stylists operate on a very tight schedule and we do not want them to run behind for the remainder of their shift. Like we said, we know it happens. we do try to be lenient, but that being said, if you are late/cancel less than 1 hour before your scheduled appointment 3 times you will need to have a credit card on file to schedule an appointment with us.


“Your hair is your head-suit. Make sure you have a good tailor.”

Cassie juanita |  Co-Owner

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One fateful night in the spring of 2015, two friends were fed up with their current job situations and tired of fighting for change. Realizing that they both had the same dream of being salon owners, they partnered up and Bespoke was born.

It took a mere 11 months from that first conversation until we opened our doors February 15th 2016. 

Our main goal here is to create a home not only for our stylists but also for our clients. A hair home! We take the corporate feeling out of the high end salon and simply let you relax and enjoy your time here. There's no reason you should have to feel intimidated just to get a good haircut. Think of us as the Cheers of salons, where everyone knows your name!


think you have what it takes to be a bespoke stylist?

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